About Us

A bit about our history:

So, how did InteGenuity come across the concept of Provisional IT Management?  One day, while our founder was working as an IT consultant, we received a call that a local law firm’s IT Director, sadly, had passed away.  They needed someone to come in immediately to manage their IT team while they looked for a replacement.  Two and a half years later, in 1998, the concept became a reality and our company was born.  As the years progressed, we developed a vast database of resources with invaluable expertise and tremendous credibility in key core competencies.  It also became apparent that there where a considerable number of companies that did not have the right IT Management representation, who are at the mercy of biased service providers giving sub-standard guidance. .

So we put in place solid IT Management Representation with true creditability and unbiased direction, so that companies can experience true unbiased quality at an affordable price.

About the Founder:

Talented and accomplished Technology and Business Leader with unique combination of engineering degrees / MBA and real world experience creating solid foundation for developing innovative strategies focused on leveraging technology to cost-effectively achieve targeted business objectives. Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with proven record of success in IT project, program, and department management. Expertise in designing, planning, and leading critical projects, including site disposition management, enterprise technology solutions, infrastructure improvements, and enterprise life cycles. Multiple technical certifications including Six Sigma. Excellent problem-solving and analysis skills delivering innovative solutions to mission-critical challenges.

Program/Project Management

· Information Systems Management · Consulting
· Process Improvement Governance Management
· Change Management · Risk Management · Configuration Management
· Data Center Closure/Migration/Consolidation · Site Dispositions
· Systems Integration & Engineering ITIL ·  Sales Support
· Staff Development · Relationship Management · Compliance
· Technical Service Management · Solution Development · Network Support

About our team

We maintain high levels of credibility to train, guide, consult and coach.  Individually each IT Manager maintains three core competencies to earn the IT Manager Credibility:

  1. Business Management: IT Management Credibility by having either 10+ years in business administration with management skills, MBA, business ownerships, and management titles.
  2. Enterprise Project Management: IT Management Credibility by either having Program (PgMP) or Project (PMP) Management Certifications, 5+ year’s experienced with managing projects, programs or portfolios in strong matrix environments.
  3. IT Industry Standards: IT Management Credibility by having either ITIL Certifications, Six Sigma, equivalents, and 10+ years experience in the IT field.