Our Service

What We Do – Core Competencies:

  • IT Business Management
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Industry Focused Standards


“The key to optimal worry free computers is not just fixing them when they break, but to maintain optimal efficiency, protection, recovery and data integrity by way of managing and implementing an ongoing and  steadfast IT business management solution…”

Resource Knowledgebase

As IT professionals, we understand the various roles and types of expertise required in the IT Industry. We know when to bring in the right role and/ or service for our clients and their unique dynamics.

At InteGenuity we have developed and maintained a Resource Knowledge Base.  When a resource is needed, we can easily assess the best solution.  This saves an immense amount of time for the client and produces a higher level of quality due our wealth of knowledge and extensive resources.

If we don’t have a resource in our Knowledge Data Base, we perform a search for the talent based on the needs and circumstances of the client situation.  We know what questions to ask and we deliver the needed expertise to the client.

Our Values

At InteGenuity, our culture is based on:

  • Integrity
  • Ingenuity
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Clients’ Best Interest
  • Business Empathy
  • Informed Decisions


Our Approach

  • Represent your company’s best interest: As your IT Manager, we are looking out for your business – understanding your needs and delivering the best possible, most affordable solutions and services.  We are committed to consistently search for value and a return on your IT investment.
  • Maintain an unbiased viewpoint: We do not offer any other services other than purely IT Management.  In other words, whenever we recommend resources using our extensive Resource Knowledge Base, we do not take any monies from these resources.  We select these resources purely on the criteria to match the dynamics of the situation.
  • Small firm freedom with large client knowledge: We have gained extensive experience working with large firms and have a history of successful deliverables within complex organizations.
  • Affordable: Dedicated to quality service at a reasonable price.  Large firm knowledge does not have to come with a large price tag.

If your Information Systems and resources are critical to your business operations, it is imperative that performance is effective and efficient; and if not, quality, cost, time and more importantly customer satisfaction, could be jeopardized.


Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to your business and your success is critical to us. We are here to help on whatever scale you need. Whether you need a full-service IT manager or some guidance as what direction to go with technology acquisition, we are there 100%.  We can help strategy to implementation and any piece in between.  We are an intelligent, affordable IT solution.

Testimonials and Applications/Solutions – to come