IT Manager

1-50 Employees

it managerIf your company does not have an IT department or needs to compliment your existing IT Management Team, InteGenuity will represent your company’s best interest as your IT Manager.  Our approach is to:

  • Represent your company: As your IT Manager, we are looking out for your business – understanding your needs and delivering the best possible, most affordable solutions and services.  We are committed to consistently search for value and a return on your IT investment.
  • Maintain an unbiased viewpoint: We do not offer any other services other than purely IT Management.  In other words, whenever we recommend resources using our extensive Resource Knowledge Base, we do not take any monies from these resources.  We select these resources purely on the criteria to match the dynamics of the situation.
  • Small firm freedom with large client knowledge: We have gained extensive experience working with a variety of firms and have a history of successful deliverables within complex organizations.
  • Affordable: Dedicated to quality service at a reasonable price.  Large firm knowledge does not have to come with a large price tag.

If your Information Systems and resources are critical to your business operations, it is imperative that performance is efficient and on target; and if not, quality, cost, time, and more importantly, customer satisfaction, could be jeopardized.

It is critical for today’s competitive companies to maintain a strong, knowledgeable “IT Management Team” trained in the latest Information Technology standards while being strategic and resourceful.  Doesn’t your business warrant this?

Are your Information Systems:

  1. Important for your Business Survival
  2. Getting a Return on your IT Investment
  3. Secure
  4. Recoverable
  5. Updated Appropriately
  6. Have Suitable and Cost Effective Service Management Processes and Resources
  7. Have a Strategic Direction Leveraging the latest IT Industry Standards

If your company cannot justify a full time IT Manager, the considerations listed above are still critical to maintain; therefore, we can represent your company’s best interest as your IT Manager on a provisional bases.